Three main research strands of our group

  1. RNA Biology, particularly the functional characterisation of non-coding RNAs, and more recently in the impact of promiscuous RNA:RNA interactions on translation.
  2. The analysis of genome variation, in particular the identification of functionally significant and convergent evolutionary signals that indicate variation of phenotypic importance. We have also used high density transposon mutagenesis and comparative genomics to characterise genomic regions of functional importance.
  3. The continual evaluation and improvement of bioinformatic tools is necessary for the field to progress and to help researchers identify the right tools for their questions. We use a range of methods, including benchmarking, curation of positive and negative control datasets and meta-analysis and meta-science based approaches to find where methodological progress can be made.

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We believe scientific work should be widely accessible. We contribute to the online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia and have written a series of articles and editorials that illustrate the benefits of academic contributions to this valuable and widely used resource. Our preprints are available on, we publish open-access articles and our open-source code is freely available.

Feel free to contact us about our research.